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A Message on Ms. Madhu Jain's Nihon-ga Exhibition

I am very pleased to welcome Ms. Madhu Jain and her exhibit to San Francisco.

With a professional painting career of more than 35 years, Ms. Jain moved to Japan in 1994 and studied the art of Nihon-ga, or Japanese style painting, for 4 years. I understand that in order to gain a deeper understanding of this art form, Ms. Jain mastered the Japanese language and became acquainted with a number of Japanese painters.

Since those years in Japan, Ms. Jain has remained fascinated with Japanese style painting, and she has created numerous Nihon-ga based native themes from India. Through her art work, she has introduced the charm and beauty of Japan to the people of India. Her works are well regarded in Japan, and she has held many successful solo exhibitions throughout the country. Her works have been displayed at Japan's famous artwork competition, Nikaten, and she has had a solo exhibition held in Tokyo in 2002 in honor of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Japan. Clearly, she has made a unique contribution to this form so closely identified with Japanese culture through her blending of the Nihon-ga style with themes from India.

This year marks the 150th anniversary since the signing in 1854 of the Treaty of Peace and Amity between Japan and the United States. I think it is very fitting that this exhibition, which symbolizes the successful meeting and interaction of two cultural influences, should coincide with this anniversary of Japan - US relations.

I sincerely wish the exhibition every success and hope that many will have the opportunity to view it.

Makoto Yamanaka             
Consul General of Japan in San Francisco


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